Tuesday, February 22, 2011


During my education, I have had a couple teachers and a couple professionals that really made an impression on me. Teachers have a job to teach their students and are highly underpaid, but for me, I had teachers that really did more than teach. They showed more compassion and concern for my emotional well being and along with my educational needs than my parents didn't.
One of these teachers, home schooled me after I gave birth to my daughter. She would pick me up and we would go other places because I didn't have an home to work in.
After, I went back to school, she continued to be a person that watched out for me. My locker was right across from her classroom. I would say it was done on purpose but it was there before they knew that I was going through a pregnancy and adoption.
I have never been back to the school, because while I did have support the memories were just too bad for me. My oldest son ended up going to this same school and I could never face the courage to go back. I know that it wasn't good but at the time, I just didn't have it in me. It didn't hurt that this big day to invite the parents was on her birthday.

A few months ago, I found Liz on facebook and sent her a friendship request. I have been able to share with her how I have found my daughter and met her. It was a great moment to share that with her because she knew me from way back then.

I learned just from her status that she is a special education teacher. I don't recall if I knew that back then or not. Just for the record, she never taught me in a formal classroom. She was only my teacher for the six weeks until I was able to go back to school.

I have been going through some hard times with the reality of my youngest son going on to middle school and feeling lost in a system of special education.

I wrote her and doubled checked that she was in special education and she said yes and she is a advocate for special education students and how could she help me.

I gave her the background information on my son and she is asking for his IEP and other tests that the school has done. She told me to tell them that we have an advocate for him. I am so relieved. I finally have someone who can help us. Maybe, the help will just be telling me that everything is going alright and to trust that this way is working. Or maybe, she will have other suggestions.

She did tell me that in my state they can't retain a child back unless it can be proven that he or she didn't learn anything. So, as long as they learned one thing in the school year they go on. What kind of hogwash law is that?

My biggest hurdle for myself is going to be able to walk into that school and turn in the paperwork for her to look at. It's not going to be easy. I do think I am in a much better place now. I know longer dream of what my daughter looks like. I can actually get an image in my mind of her and can remember her voice. I know longer fear if she is alive or dead. I get reminder everyday that she is safe. My daughter is no longer the baby that was given up to adoption. She is a young, bright woman that has grown from that baby.

So, while it will be hard and I might cry. I know that I have to do this for my son.

For all the teachers, that read my blog. You have a really hard job but I hope you find it rewarding. Parents send their children to you to teach but you do so much more than that. You really have the ability to make a difference in a young persons life and I thank you for that.


Leah said...

A beautiful post. I'm the daughter of a teacher, and what they do is amazing! It's wonderful that you are in touch with a former teacher of yours, and I really hope she will be able to help your son.

Wendy said...

Thank you for what you wrote. That's really nice to hear.

I'm a teacher and have many friends who are teachers. We all put in a lot of hours and it's definitely rewarding to hear when we help a student out or when something we did made a difference for them.

I hope this former teacher is really able to help you and your son. Best of luck.