Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fun night out and movie night.

I am pretty sure that my problems lately have been a case of cabin fever and then I add the health concerns for Stephen. It's just been too much. Bring on spring and hopefully my sons health will improve.
Last night, I was able to go volunteer for MELD. It was great. I took Stephen with me even though his homework wasn't done. He had been reading for what seemed like two hours and it look like he has two hours of paper homework to do. I am really getting upset. I know my child should do homework and it's important. However, there are other things that are important too. One of them is teaching him about having compassion and helping others. I feel that trait of giving to others and not thinking of yourself is just as valuable as a lesson as homework.
So, we went and there were so many kids. Some of my little babies, grew up to be crawlers. I only had one that was so tiny that you think of a newborn still. At point, I didn't know how many kids I had. But don't worry, they can't escape from the daycare. They have tried to go under the door, but they don't fit. Stephen did pretty well playing with the kids.
Also, my super hyper children are becoming less mean. They are not hitting each other anymore. They do still get too rough with the toys and I am afraid they are going to break them and I wish they would slow down because we have little crawlers. For the most part, I have seen a lot of good behavior changes. The Mom of the child that tends to get on my nerves the most said that he had been asking about me. I have been making a strong effort to pay attention, be friendly and tell him how good he is being.

Then, I got home and we got my son to bed and I was able to get a free movie from redbox. It was called case 39 and it was creepy but I loved it. Mostly, I loved the break of blogging and facebook and holding hands with my husband was sweet too. We tend to get in our own little worlds with the technology and also our new sectional gives us plenty of room to stretch out and we don't even sit near each other anymore. When we had our old couch, we had no choice to be close and all tangled up in each other if we tried to lay down.

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