Thursday, February 17, 2011

Morning conversation

My son tries to skip out on breakfast and I been working really hard at making sure that he eats this past few months. It's given me a sometime that I can have alone with him.

Today, he was asking me about our dog Ann and how much money did she cost me and where did we go get her from. He remembers choosing between two dogs. They were sisters. He said isn't it mean that they were separated? Yea. I suppose it is kinda mean but I couldn't justify paying for two labs and bringing both of them home. I thought about what if I didn't choose my dog and took her sister. Do I believe that we would be any less in love if we choose the other dog? No. I think we would of trained her and loved her just the same, but we wouldn't have the same dog.

I wonder does he get the concept that he was separated from his sister like the two dogs? That it's sad that Mom wasn't able to bring all three of her children home like I couldn't bring Ann sister home?

At the end of breakfast, I was joking and told Ann that I wanted my 300 back from her and she gave me her paw. My son thought that was funny and said what would you rather have Ann or the money. I said, Ann is better than money and we laughed at her payment of her paw.

Also, he agreed that we love Ann and she has a good family. Plus, he wants to write a letter to the breeder and see if he has any pictures of her sister. So, maybe, we will have a dog reunion.

I thought I throw a picture of Ann on this post. Isn't she beautiful?

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