Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are you there?

A couple weeks back, a fellow blogger did a role call and I thought it was a neat idea. You can read her blog here.

So, if you would humor me. Leave me a comment and tell me what encourages you to keep reading. Also, feel free to use this chance to ask any questions that you may have about my life in general, learn more about MELD and the ways you could help or any adoption related questions that you may want to know from my story.


Susie said...

Hi! I just enjoy reading your stories, knowing I'm not alone out here, living life as a mom without her child.

RB said...

Still here! :) I keep reading because I've been fascinated by your story from the beginning. I've been cheering you on silently as you build your relationship with Izzy. So glad that you've reunited.

Staci said...

I'll play along, I'm Staci and an adoptee in reunion. I read your blog mostly when you talk about adoption related stuff or your reunion with your daughter. Don't really have any questions I'm mostly quiet in the blogosphere and I don't blog very often anymore. Sooo HI!

Wendy said...

Hi Birthmomtalks. :)
I'm here!

I like to read your blog to hear your perspective on your daughter's adoption and to hear about how you are doing with it all. I also like reading your private blog.

Thank you for sharing your writing.

Leah said...

I'm always reading. :) And following you on facebook. :)

LisaAnne said...

I appreciate that you not only blog, but that you follow other blogs and comment. Birthmothers need encouragement from one another and you are very good about doing that.