Monday, January 25, 2010

My husband said my older son was pretty good this weekend. We only have him every other weekend and sometimes more. It just depends. Well, he said, he was pretty good, but he still just don't like him or like having him around. I know he is an 15 year old and even annoys me sometimes, but he is my son. I will even admit that when my husband was drinking and all the fighting went down, my son attacked him. It's been well over a year, if not two years now.
He doesn't know how deep it hurts to hear him say that about my son. As a birthmom and I think Mom in general, my kids are my life. If anyone ever wants to hurt me or piss me off fuck with my kids. He did that. I don't get it. I would never tell him that I don't like having his kids around or that I didn't like them. He just knows how to kick me when I am down.

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