Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We had our marriage counseling tonight. I really do like going and still have hope. He said it's normal for things to sometimes get worse before they get better and my teacher at school said the same thing when I asked. We even got to talk about adoption a little bit.
I will admit I am not sure what to do with the religion side of the counseling. I don't have any background with religion and haven't been to any church that I have liked. I admit that I have only been to two or three churches. I don't dislike it when he talks about God and following the bible, but I don't know how to relate it to my life. He suggested that we watch the movie Fire Proof and read a book. It will be two more weeks before we go back, because he is on vacation. One day, I want to talk to him alone and I am debating asking him to take down my blogs sites and my daughter's information and have him pass them on just in case anything happens to me. I don't mean to imply anything here. Also, I might delete the posts regarding my husband.

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