Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear Izzy

I am so happy that spring is here. I just love the warmer weather and all the flowers and the trees full of leaves. It reminds me of happy times just being a kid enjoying a warm summer day. I just finished my first year at college. I only went part time but, boy was it a challenge. I kind of like the challenge, however when the going got tough I wanted to quit. I didn't quit though. I just kept going. I am waiting to see what kind of grade I got. I probably won't go back next fall, because I just can't balance it all very well. I know I should just keep going.
Alex is finishing up the 8Th grade at the same school that I went into labor with you, and also where I spent my first year without you. This also turned out to be the same school you went to. I wonder did you know that you were walking the same halls as me. I will admit that I didn't once go back there this year, because I don't think I could stand.
Stephen is finishing up the 3rd grade. He has worked so hard, but we wonder should he be kept back. He needs to improve his skills and just pushing him along makes everything that much harder.
I imagine that you are finishing up your 11Th grade year at the high school. Wow! Next year, you will be Senior. I am so proud of you. Work hard and enjoy the time. I wish I could see you all dressed up from Prom or something. I bet your the prettiest girl there. Also, girl go to college while your young. I admit that I don't want you to go far, but I would never stand in the way of your dreams. Keep your head up high. Remember if life gets tough.. just keep on going. In my life when it rains it pours, but sometime the sun has to come out. I love you baby girl.

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Mrs H said...

What a beautiful, positive letter!