Tuesday, May 12, 2009

only 20 bucks?

I am deeply upset and pissed. I am not perfect. A couple months ago, I threw my wedding rings at my husband. Last week, I asked for them back. I know I was wrong, but I figure we are working on our marriage so I want them back. He told me that if he gives them back and if I throw them again that he will pawn them. So, I waited a day or so to feel in my heart that I could really mean it when I say that I am past that. So, this weekend I asked again. He had excuses that someone was holding them so he wouldn't do anything stupid with them. they had gone to work and he couldn't get my ring. Then, I kept asking and he kept saying your not sincere. So, fast forward to yesterday, he wanted something out of my purse and he just gets it. I don't care for him going in my purse. So, I said let me go through your wallet. He hands it to me and I see a pawn ticket. He pawned my rings. That's why he can't hear that I am sincere, because he needs money to get them back. This morning, I go into the wallet when he is sleeping and my rings were pawned for 20 bucks. Now I know I am wrong, but is our marriage only worth 20 bucks to him? I took the ticket and hope they will give the rings back to me when I pay. Jerk.
Last night, we watched Fireproof, it was part of our homework from the pastor. I like the idea of the book of instructions, but I don't think it would solve our underlining problems.

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RB said...

That's an unexpected blow. Sorry you had to find out about the rings that way. I hope you're able to get them back.

I'm not very religious myself, and I really enjoyed Fireproof. The basic principle was good, just being kind and thoughtful to one another.

I'm hoping that counseling helps you both. This must be such a hard time for you...