Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear Izzy

We are animal lovers. We have four cats and two dogs, four bunnies and a fish tank. Some might think we are crazy, but we just them all. Three out of the four bunnies came from a shelter, because someone dropped them off for some reason. I have two male bunnies that live together as buds and have a male and female rabbit who isn't fixed. During the summer, we keep them out on our sun porch. I came home to find the two bunnies that shouldn't mix to be in the same cage. Tyler won't admit but I believe he probably was in on this. He already knows who will take two bunnies. I really hope they didn't mate, because bunnies don't always find good homes. So, we may end up being known as the crazy family with 12 bunnies or so. I guess this is my fault, because we should have locked the cages.
Ashley, I wonder if you have been raised with pets. I was raised with almost always having a cat or a dog, but never did we have more than one or two at a time.
I really miss you and hope someday to get to know you.

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