Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our hangout

I talked so much about my cleaning of the basement. It really was a project, because we kind of let it go to far. I started the process after I put the wii on layaway and worked on it about once a week. The Mp3 my husband bought me really helped a lot.
I picked up the wii on Friday and brought it out on Sunday when I had a full day to hang out with both of my sons. On Sunday morning, they knew nothing about it. I was cooking a yummy breakfast and it was in the oven. My husband was getting ready to go to work and I tried to be serious but I failed. I tried to pretend to be mad that there was something in my closet. I was blaming the kids and trying to be mad. I made the kids come look and Alex picked up the wii and was pretty shocked. Stephen took it from him and screamed. "We have a wii now!! " Alex said, "that he was expecting an animal to be in there from the look on my face"
When we went to register it, we noticed that they have a black wii and that came with an extra game so they store let us turn in the white one for the black one.
We had a really good day. My sons called me an old dog because I am a slow learner. haha. I meant to snap some pictures of both kids playing the wii, but I forgot.
So, I just snapped one of Stephen and of our basement. It's not the best lighting down there, but it's still pretty cool. I have one more ro
om to finish and I want to do something with that space, but I don't know what. I plan on trying to put some titles that were left from the previous owners and maybe paint the wall or something.
I tried to be creative and label the pictures but I kept screwing up. We have a little pool table that is a table that plays many games. My 70's bar down there. I have my machine for lifting weights that is more appealing now since it's been cleaned up.


Leah said...

The space looks great! I hope you are all enjoying the Wii. :)

michelle said...

Cool! I love the 70's bar. : )

kalibug said...

Looks great. And we love our Wii too. It is awesome. Have fun!