Monday, May 10, 2010

I had a pretty good Mother's Day and plan to blog about it but not today. Today, I had to take care of a personal matter in a building that I used to work it.
It brought me back to a time where my life was so different. Picture it. It's the year of 2000, my son's are five and about three months. Before the pregnancy, I was a guard at a pretty big factory and walked 20 hours a week. I loved the job, but after the baby was born, I just couldn't make the rounds. I was too weak and tired from being a new Mom again. I tried my luck at telemarketing and failed so badly. I quit before they could fire me. I couldn't stand the idea of someone firing me.

So, when I seen the ad for Market Research, I was a little unsure about applying for the job. But with two kids and needing to have income I applied and was hired. I conducted surveys over the phone and pretty much loved it. I like interaction from co workers and it was interesting to see how many people I could keep on the phone to talk about food, candy, dog food, birth control, gas. If you name it, I talked about it.

Walking back through that building and even going to right the office was reminded me so much of how life was then and how much it has changed. When I started there, I didn't know how to drive. It wasn't a big deal in my life for the most part. I didn't know that my son would have special needs and not driving would bring a huge damper in my life.
It was while, I was working there that I learned how to drive and gained my freedom. It was while I worked there that I was able to drive my son to his much needed therapy. It was while, I was working there, that my husband at the time got fired and the employees showed my family so much compassion and bought presents and our Christmas dinner. It there that I learned that people are good.
It was there, that I was first able to become friends with teens and young adults. I thought of myself as a big sister to a few of them. It's not like I am friends with them all, but I did hear from one of them the other day. She is still in college.
It was there that I met my best friend Rachel. She has been such a good friend and a trustworthy one. I can always count on her to take care of my son if we need help.
So, today, as I walked around that building, I thought about how fast life changes. I am a caregiver and wouldn't want to work on phones again. I love taking care of the older people. However, today, I remembered the good times and remembered how sad, I was that the place was being shut down. When you work with a group of people for five years it's not easy to say goodbye. This company was really good about honoring their employees with holiday parties and such. They even threw us a going away party at a fancy restaurant.
I guess if you get anything from this post is that don't forget to enjoy the small pleasures in life. Talking about gas and phones for 40 minutes was a challenge and sometimes my jaws would hurt, but it's the little things that makes me remember the time there as good times.

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