Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my good stuff

I have really gotten a routine down of actually using my Ymca membership instead of just donating my monthly fee.
The wii has been an hit with all four of us.
Today, my sister met me at the Ymca.
Today, I had my brother over for dinner.
I am loving babysitting at Meld.
My husband bought me some more flowers for my flower bed and some watermelon plants.
It's warm outside.
Tuesday, I got to hang out with my friend Rachel at the park.


Wendy said...

Love all of your good stuff. I think it's great that you post this.

That's wonderful that you use your YMCA membership so much. I need to get out and do more, myself.

I just read your last post about getting the wii for your family, too. That was such a nice surprise!

Laura and Walter said...

Posting good stuff is good. I need to count my blessings more often.
I try to get to the Y at least 4 times a week, though this week's been hard with being sick. oh, well! have a great day!