Friday, May 21, 2010

Lately what has been helping me with getting out of my depression or the constant feeling of sadness is lurking around the corner has been working out at the Ymca, walking around my neighborhood and doing little things around the house.
I feel happy. I feel better. The only major amount of sitting is when I am at work three days a week. I seem like I have the feeling that I just have to go. It makes me wonder though. Am I really beating the depression over adoption and moving past some of the things that have bothered me for years or am I running?
Right now, it's Friday and it's my Y day and I don't feel like going but I feel the need to go. It's hard to explain. I have lost a little weight but it's been slow so that is good. I am kind of in a need to work more and working more at my job sometimes could mean more sitting. I don't want to sit. I want to be free to be on the go? I do a lot of reading when I am at work, because they don't require much from me. But tonight, we are going out to dinner and tomorrow too. So, more of a reason to get some walking in. My goal at the Ymca is two hours at a time.

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