Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my good stuff

My weekend with Alex home is beginning to feel more normal. I mean normal as in he went out to play.
I worked more on our basement and the kids are starting to hang down there.
I talked to Pam (my retired math teacher) She called me first and said it's important to her that we keep our relationship going.
My husband and I are getting along pretty well.
I got creative and sewed a blanket on my doll's bed to make it look like it has bumper pads. The baby was looking like he needed to take up a donation to get a new bed.
I only owe 40 more on the wiii.
I seen babygirl and her parents yesterday.
The kids at Meld are becoming used to me and more willing to play.
I have been more active and lost some weight.
I was able to buy some flowers for my flower bed.
I bought Alex cantaloupe plants.
My husband planted tomato plants and a cucumber plant.

I hope me talking about Mother's Day didn't make my husband look bad. It's not personal. He just isn't into holidays and stuff. It makes me sad though, because I am. I want the family stuff that I am used to. For the past few Mother's Day, I had to work and this one I am not. So, we are going out to dinner so that should be nice. I was thinking of taking the kids out to the bike path and trying to get some nice pictures of them and make them look semi professional.


Leah said...

You are so close to having a Wii! So exciting! And it sounds like your basement is really coming along. :)

BB said...

there is a website ( that anyone can upload and order photos to. They do color correcting and other stuff that makes photos look awesome. The shipping is kinda expensive, but still WAY cheaper than anything professional and the prints are really cheap!