Sunday, May 23, 2010

I have been doing some deep thinking about this blog. I feel the need to tell more but not sure if I will follow through with it. I have to remember that this isn't just my story. Then again, this is my story from my view on it. I accept that other people have different views and that I may not always agree with them. I may not always be able to have a discussion about stuff that I feel so passion about. But I am not making a choice tonight on this stuff.

I do want to share a news story that my husband sent me in an email. We still can barely talk about adoption but it's a little better. We used to argue on most adoptees can not access their original birth certificates. He didn't believe me. He also sees it as not important, but it's his right to his thoughts and he has never been in a place where I have been. Or those that are affected by the birth certificates not being allowed.

When I learned about sealed records, I took that as in I did something so bad that it has to be locked away. My daughter was brought into this world under shame.

Read here for more information.

I am happy to report that my state now has a law that allows adoptees access to the records. There are some details that all might not agree with but hey it's a start.


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Rebekah said...

Thank you so much. I think you are doing a wonderful job to. WE CAN DO THIS!!