Saturday, May 15, 2010

I have made a life style change. Last month, it was announced that the pool and hot tubs would be closed at the Ymca. I love the hot tub. I went there as much as I could to get work out and soak in the hot tub. I have even started encouraging. (pushing) my friend Rachel to come with me on some days. So, even after the hot tub closed, I kept on going to the Y to workout.
When I look around, I see a variety of different races and I like that. I also like that the Y offers programs to assist people who can't afford the membership otherwise.
I have been going about three times a week and if I am going to drive pass the Y then I am going to stop.
Today, after picking up Alex, from his Dad's, we stopped to hang at the Y. My kids wanted to go play the wii.. But couldn't because the wii's controllers grew legs and walked away. The person working that station at the Y said that this Y is known as the Urban Y and "basically said that more people from the neighborhood come here. The other Y has more members from the higher paying property taxes. He then went on to say that maybe he shouldn't have said that, because he didn't know where we live. I said, we are not rich but not poor either. I said, I wasn't offended but the more I think of it, the more I realize that it's not so much offended as just sad over the statement.
The other Ymca he was referring to his actually in another city but within ten mins or so, I can be there. It's a hop and a skip away. It makes me sad to think that people are labeling the lower property tax neighborhoods as bad. I think my neighborhood is good even though my property taxes are not all that high. I have pride in my neighborhood. I am not fearful. It's a place that my children can play.
One thing that I did tell the Y employee is that not all low income people steal and I should have told him that many people with money or appear to have money steal and they steal big. I don't know why this subject bugs me so much. I happen to think some of it is race related because this city has a history of thinking that they are better than us. I don't know if it's just a rival thing between the two cities. Maybe, I have negative feelings, because of my bad experience when I lived in that town but then again, I wasn't treated nice in my local schools either. I guess it just bugs me that people with low income are looked down at from people with more money.
I do think a big part of it is that I have pride for my house and neighborhood and I just want to protect it.

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fightpilotswife said...

You are so absolutely right! The amount of money a person has or doesn't have has ZERO relevance to whether or not they're a good person. What neighborhood they live in has nothing to do with their morals, either.

It makes me crazy when I hear people make judgements based on ridiculous things like this. Good for you for standing up to the guy!!!