Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started out with me sleeping in. My son's were at their Dad's and I agreed they could stay to have lunch with his Mom. So, after I woke up, I decided to surprise someone special to me.. But before, I was even out of bed, my step daughter texted me Happy Mother's Day and that was nice. Then, it was time for me to surprise my special person.

Pam who was my math teacher when I was in high school was on my mind a lot. This lady means the world to me. We haven't been friends all these years, but I reached out to her a couple years ago and I am glad I did. When I am sad or need hear how much someone is excited to hear from me. I call her. I choose the bunny, because I love bunnies and who wouldn't right? It looks like it is praying and she has such a strong Faith in God I thought she might like it. So, I am dropping this off at her house the poor man's way. lol I plan on just leaving it on her doorstep and leaving and letting her see it on her own. It didn't happen that way. I got caught. As soon as I pulled up, someone was looking out the window at me. So, I called her number and her husband answered. I said who I was and didn't tell him how I knew her just that I wanted to give her something for Mother's Day. So, he greeted me and took the flowers, card and bunny and said, She values your friendship and speaks of you often. It made me feel so good and loved.
So, yesterday, I was walking at the Ymca and it was Pam. She told me how I made her day extra special. She said that she had her three kids together for the first time in five years and I topped it off.
All week, I debated to I give my Mom something for Mother's Day. Do I search for the perfect card and give it to her. I tried and tried earlier in the week to find a card that fitted, but none said what I thought it should say. They all talked about the good things she did and I don't think of my Mom in light, but when the third flower for Pam just wasn't going to fit. I thought about keeping it for myself, but then I decided to give it to my Mom.
Here is what it said. I hope that today there'll be a special moment when you look around you and know in your heart that you matter to your family. Then, you turn the page and it said.
Mother, I hope today you'll know how much you're loved and appreciated. I thought it fit the situation with her best. Look around. You do have a family. We do love you. But it's hard when you choose to ignore your children. Then, I got the pot and planted and dropped the card and flowers at my Mom's door step. This wasn't easy. My heart says don't do it. She will just hurt you. But then, I feel like well, she is my Mom. So just do it anyways.

I will save my post about my Day with my children and husband another post. It was nice.

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Leah said...

That must have been really hard to drop that off at your Mom's door. That was nice of you to visit your old Math teacher though. She sounds like a very supportive friend. :)