Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Update on me

I am doing much better since Izzy went home. I am not sitting wondering if I am going to see her or not. I just know I am not going to see her cause she is far away.. So while it's sad to admit but her being here but not giving me much is really hard on me. I never did hear anything about the birthday card I sent but I didn't really expect too. It's the first year I didn't do a gift. I couldn't afford it and if I could manage a few bucks it would have been easier to hand it to her than mail it.. Plus I find more enjoyment in gift giving in that way.

That Sunday that she went home.. I had a birthday party to go to for my friend's daughter's 15th birthday. It's a big birthday in the Mexican culture so it was a big deal. They kept it simple for the most part because they had already had the big celebration in Mexico. I had a major diet slip up that day. I ate way too much cake that I care to admit.

What I didn't realize until after the fact is that the day of the party was the 23rd anniversery of the day the TPR's was signed. So I wonder if over eating had anything to do with that even though I wasn't aware of that date.

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