Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I am having a hard time putting the reception and the meeting of Izzy's parents into words to blog about it.. I believe it's cause I am mixing up a couple events in my brain.. One is the Thursday is her birthday and it's looking like most likely I won't be getting another chance to visit with her before she goes home. My messages have gone unanswered.

Another issue is more private about her and not sure it's my place to write about it on a public blog so I probably won't but it has me very worried about her.

I been trying to deal with the whole event and soon to be event of her birthday by throwing myself into my workout routine and stay going strong on my weight loss goals. I can do my best not to over eat due to poor me.

I am also trying to tell myself that the event of me meeting her parents could be hard on her too.

P.S. I just bought her a birthday card. I splurged for one that sings "over the rainbow" and pops up.. maybe I will take a picture of it before I either give it to her or mail it. I will mail it on her birthday if I don't hear from her.

Shopping helped my mood a bit. I bought myself a couple sets of pj's that were on sale. Sometimes, shopping helps my sadness.. I needed them anyways.


Janine said...

I imagine its hard to put into words how you feel. I am just so very excited that you got to be there and celebrate the day with her and her new hubbie! Hope you have many precious photos of the day to gaze upon! Did she wear her wedding dress? What colours were her reception? What was her cake like? (can you tell I love weddings!)

Congrats for keeping up with the exercise and healthy eating! You are doing so well and are an incredible inspiration!

Heather said...

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