Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Going to try to break the reception down into key points.. may just be a start to it.

Settings : This was just a really casual reception. The wedding was a week earlier and that was really small. They didn't even have their parents there. I wasn't upset about that but at the same time I was pretty down that day.. So this was really casual. It was held in a park. They had rented one of those shelters for the day. It was decorated a bit but nothing fancy. They didn't do a wedding cake but had a tower of cupcakes! They had chicken from walmart and other yummy food like potatoe salad, chips ect and hot dogs. It was more like a big family picnic that an traditional wedding reception. I really didn't take many pictures. I was just too busy taking everything in. The weather was perfect.

Who I brought: Myself, my two sons' and my oldest son asked if his new girlfriend could come. It was the first time I met her. I didn't realize that Alex hadn't seen Izzy for almost two years.

Introductions: There were not any formal introductions done. This includes Izzy's parents and other family members. There were quite a few people there and I mostly just kept to myself ( meaning not talking to people much that I didn't know) for a good portion of the time. Not to say that I didn't talk to people I didn't know but not tons of it. Will write more on the topic of the people. There were a couple introductions based on one person figuring out who I was and another one or two that just flat out asked.. will address that in another post.

The gift: Was a pretty basket that I made for Izzy and her new husband. It had some homemade bread, fruit, canister of nuts and chocolate, kisses and some body lotion and spray and even threw in a flower pot. Also, had a wedding card.

Alex carried it in and set it down. I don't recall her saying thanks or have I heard from her saying thanks for the gift. I feel a little hurt about that.

My time with Izzy: We were there for about 3 hours. We were not the first there. I had actually planned it out to be 15 minutes late so we wouldn't be the first person there. When we left a big part of the crowd had left but there were a few people coming in still at the moment. They were starting to clean up. I didn't attach myself to her hip. I would visit with her a bit but also just let her do her thing. During part of the time I even just observed her somewhat from a distance to watch her play a game with some family members.

When we were leaving I did suggest that we get together but its not looking like that is going to happen and it makes me sad. Tomorrow is her birthday and it's the first birthday in a while that is making me sad. I decided against buying her a gift.. mainly cause I am extremely broke part honestly part of it is that I am not happy with her and feel like I have better ways to spend my money. Hope this doesn't sound mean but I am sure as hell not going to pay to ship a gift when she can't even answer me to attempt to see each other before she goes home. I bought her a birthday card and will mail it to her house tomorrow morning unless I hear form her before that.. just not holding my breath on it.

Will finish writing at a later time about the people that were at the party.


cindie nunez said...

Hi there.....i found your blog thru my cousin rebekah whos blog i think u follow. I just wanted to say hi and let u know i am a new follower. Also congrats on the weight loss!

birthmothertalks said...

Hi Cindie, I was inspired by your cousin to join myfitnesspal so I credit her for giving me the tools to get started. Thanks.


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