Sunday, September 21, 2014

Special needs adults and babies

My heart has been breaking for my once neice who had a baby and it's possible it's my brothers baby but we won't know right away. A test has been ordered. DCFS got involved and said Mom can't be alone with the baby and Mom needed to get on her medication and take classes.. The baby put into protective care with his grandmother (k's mom) I believe during the mandotory counseling K ran her mouth twice that just made keeping this baby with family tough..

First, she said how her Mom's husband raped her. So they pulled the baby out of their care and then grandma starts staying with her Mother so the baby can stay with her.

K then talks more about some serious child abuse that most likely happened cause Mom sent her off with a truck driver.. I am sure K was sexually abused by this man when she was young. It was looked into and enough cause to say K couldn't go with him but no charges were brought.

So in light of this information being brought up the baby has been removed from the whole family. Don't know what's going to happen.

K does have a mental condition and really does need family support as she learns how to be a parent but her parents are bad and most likely the person who would be doing most of the child raising is the baby's great grandmother who is in her mid 60's.. This grandmother can't get custody cause she is too old and I also don't believe she is a good fit to "help" K become a good Mom.. She was just do everything for the baby and will create another Mom like her daughter.

K was raised by her grandmother. I know my brother wants the baby if it is his child.. but the thing is my brother has MS and relys on a walker to get around and also doesn't have the set up for a baby. One of dcfs requirements is wanting the baby to have it's own room.. Is that really an requirement for a brand new baby?

K's mother is pissed at her for running her mouth.. I honestly believed this information would have came to light even if she didn't bring it up.

My sister did a little research and it appears that handicapped people especially with mental conditions often times lose their children. So sad.

I feel K needs like a foster home herself where her and her baby can stay with someone who will offer advice and help but let K learn to be a Mom in a safe enviroment. If only something like that exsisted to prevent this baby being seperated from his Mom.. At least give her a chance.

Right now the baby is in foster care. Both K and my brother have been appointed lawyers since neither of them have money for one.

I realy hope that this isn't my brother's child. It's going to be an uphill battle to get this baby either with his Mother or Father.

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