Wednesday, October 1, 2014

job change maybe?

I picked up a job application for my local YMCA today!! I been with my current job for 8 years.. I have two clients. One is 85 years of age and can he pretty high needs and it's almost a daily (evening) struggle. I work second shift for her. I have been with her for 4 years. It's her shift that mostly causes some issues for child care for my son. Even though he is 14 years of age we don't leave him alone. We have more bad days together than good.. Meaning I am not always sucessful with getting her to shower, stay productive and stay awake and most recently refusing medication because "I am out to make her go to sleep" We get pressured not to let her feed her dog cause he is fat. I get over half my hours from her. 20 hours per week.

My other client is 92 years of age and is in pretty good shape. I have been with her for over 2 years. We have mostly good days but there are times where it's stressful. We have more good days than bad and laugh quite a bit. I work during the day so during the school year this shift doesn't effect me being there for my son. I get less than half of hours from her.. (about 16 hours per week)

I babysit for a church on Sunday mornings and I love it. It's only about 2 hours and I get paid once a month for 100 bucks and I really enjoy going. It's on my day off so there have been times I been burned out from going but mostly when I go and there are not any kids showing up.

This gets me to the point of my post.. I know it's not adoption related but might help me to write about it.

I have a fitness buddy that works in the daycare where members can drop off thier children so they can workout. She says they are hiring and would put in a good word for me.

I was all set on applying and still plan on to fill out an application tomorrow but the idea makes me nervous.

My plan or wish is that I can pick up a shift or two once per week and drop one or two shifts from my clients.. I would rather it be the second shift client but I feel guilt over making this decision to follow thru.. this client still lives at home and my client's family really loves me.. what if me not being there three times a week seal the deal to put her in a home? I feel guilt because honestly I care more about the evening client due to the 4 years but she has changed so much that it's a challenge and I am stressed easily.

My pros for making this change are the following:

Discount with the YMCA.
I can bring my son with me to the YMCA.
I could work out before or after a shift.
The YMCA is closer.
I like babies and children and feel it would be less stressful to me.
Hoping that I can replace the evening shifts for day shifts.. less of a struggle for my son and rides for my husband for his job.

Cons maybe:

Might make less money per hour or don't get enough hours to replace the hours I give up.
Might regret not being there for my clients.
Unknown if I would enjoy being with children all day compared to a short 2 hour thing.
Afraid I might have to work more days per week to get my full time hours between all 3 jobs.
AFraid I may lose my weekend! Meaning two days off together.
Did I mention money? Big concern of losing money. I don't make a lot of money but can't afford to take a pay cut.
AFraid that this could actually cut into my workout time.. as in I been here all day.. I just want to go home!
Afraid my son might not like hanging at the ymca while I work if needed.

The YMCA has a policy for anyone to be hired they first have an open door group interview and they have a date next week. So my plan is to fill out the application and make sure I turn it in before the date and go to the group interview and go from there.

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