Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 days away

The reception is three days away. I just spent 700.00 on my car so truth is I probably won't bring a gift to the reception. It's a reception in a park so hoping that makes it less casual and not expected so much had they served a huge dinner. The reception is out of town a bit and if I didn't do these repairs I couldn't even drive there. I am not saying that my car could have not been fixed if I wasn't going but needing to travel made it even more so important.

This truely sucks. I could have done the cook book idea extremly cheap looking but I was holding out to do it in color and have it look as nice as mine does. Izzy and her new husband and a friend are traveling home now as we speak.

I have anziety about the whole thing so it's feeling even more real now that she is heading this way. I really hope to have nice conversation with her parents but fear bring grilled! I know my thought process is off.. I think it's the low self esteem popping up.. like I need to prove my worth. Ugh.

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