Friday, September 12, 2014


I promised I would write more about the reception.. the part I didn't really go into much detail was the people. I mentioned there wasn't really any introductions done by Izzy.. This includes her parents. Let's start with her father.. we actually never said a word to each other.. There were a few warm smiles exhanged between us but no hello ect or any words spoken. I did observe Izzy and him playing a yard game and they seem to get along but I thought he made slightly of a rude comment.. see Izzy was farther away and he made a comment like "why you so far away" and she said cause "I have more muscles" I can't remember what he said but something like "huh muscles really? " See.. Izzy is overweight and appears to have gained back what she had lost when I was in my first year of weight loss. When I seen Izzy's Dad there wasn't any knee reaction like remembering the past.. My memory bank didn't remember "this man" in front of me nor did I remember his voice.. So in a lot of ways.. he was a stranger to me and there was no love.. no hate.. no oh my God I love you for what you did for my daughter.. or oh my god.. I hate you for not answering my letters... nothing was really felt.

Izzy's Mom... Again no formal into done by Izzy or did we introduce ourselves to each other.. Again.. no love.. no hate.. nothing. Same with her.. My mind and or memory bank doesn't remember "this woman" There was no oh my god thanks for raising Izzy.. There was no why didn't you write me back? There wasn't really any personal stuff brought up. However, Izzy's Mom and I did speak. There were a couple people with babies and one was 8 months old and she was holding the baby and I can't resist babies so we were up close and personal going gaga over the baby together. She told me how the baby was born really early.. There was some mention of don't "I want another one" but I can't remember if that was Izzy or her Mom.. I believe it was Izzy.. She even told her Mom that. There were warm smiles exchanged between us. There was no mention of my name as in who I was to Izzy and it was never brought up by either one of us.

When I was leaving a part of me wanted to say something like "nice to see you again to her" but I chickened out and just yelled a good bye everyone after I had personally don't Izzy and her new husband bye.. I think Izzy's Mom said the strangest thing.. "nice to meet you" Huh? Nice to meet you? We met September 11th 1991 and then again when the TPR were done and ran into each other once when Izzy was a baby!! Nice to meet ya??

Izzy's grandmother.. like I said no formal introdctions. I found myself chit chatting with an older lady for a few minutes about the weather and getting cold easy.. turns out I believe that was Izzy's grandmother.

Izzy's and husband's friend.. There was this girl that seemed excited to see me and she said she had been looking for me but I didn't look like my facebook picture.. she spoke like she new us and I even asked my son if he knew her and he said no. She was friendly but a little drunk. She is the only one besides one other breif situation that said who I was.. She said I had "izzy hair" and was amazed at how much we look alike.. This friend drove with Izzy and Kyle so she must be a pretty good frined.. At one point she was placing my kids in their birth order,,, Izzy, Alex and Stephen... notice she put Alex as a middle child.. He made it clear that he considers himself "the oldest" not the middle.

There was this one lady Izzy was talking to and it happened to be her teacher and happened to be Alex's teacher too.. so Alex got in the conversation and I believe it might have been this conversation where Izzy introduced him as her "birthbrother"

One more situation where we were point blank asked who are these guys.. We were doing pictures and this couple comes to the park and Izzy didn't introuduce us and was asked but then got distracted by a gift that was Christmas related.. she has a Chrismtas thing.. she is crazy about Christmas.

So I said I was her birthmom and all he heard was "mom" So I had to say birthmom again and then the lady says she was adopted and he said, "that's okay" I got a laugh out of that.. like we needed his appoval.

This prety much sums up my interactions with Izzy's family. I am glad I was invited.. I am happy that the offical first meeting since all these years is done. Only time will tell if I will see them again or if anything will ever come out of it.

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