Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tragic accident

A couple days ago, our oldest dog who happens to be our smallest dog was hit by a car and died withtin minutes of being brought into the house. We have to admit that we would sit outside and leave the door to the privacy fence open for the breeze ect. Shadow who's picture is on this blog liked to lay in the sun on the driveway.
This had been going on quite a bit and one would have never thought he would have been a victim to being hit by a car. I don't recall how old he was. I would guess between 9 and 10 years old. I have had him since he was two. We fixed him up when my new black lab puppy stole his food and fought her.

He lost his eye and we paid a pretty penny for his surgery and recovery time at the vet's office. I guess one could say he was on borrowed time since the reality is that we couldn't afford the surgery yet didn't have it in us to put him to sleep.

Shadow was alive when my husband was notified of him being hit by a car but died within a couple minutes of being brought in and laid down on our couch. There wasn't any cuts or broken bones or crying out in pain. It was as if he slowly went to sleep and died.

He was resting on our couch for a few minutes before my husband delt with his body. It didn't seem real. I wanted to poke him. He didn't look like a dead dog. Just yesteday I asked my husband if he was sure he was really dead when he buried him.

I keep thinking I am going to see Shadow run from the backyard. I don't suppose that will happen.

So now we just have Ann and Charlie when it comes to dogs. I am not sure if we will ever get a 3rd dog again or not. There is a part of me that thinks 3 dogs is a bit much but at the same time even with three dogs I often found myself looking for minature poodles cause that's my husband's favorite breed.

Rest in peace Shadow! We miss your already.

These pictures are not the best of him.

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The Busters said...

I'm getting caught up on your blog and wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your dog. That's so sad and awful. I know it's terrible and heartbreaking to lose a pet. you are in my thoughts!