Sunday, June 16, 2013


Starting this week I am going to be working pretty much right at 40 hours plus my babysitting job with the church. I had to just had to go with working more instead of hoping my kid's Dad finds summer work.

At the moment, I have two new clients. It's 3 more hours with my full time job. If I have to work more it's the perfect hours.

I work 3 days a week at a retirement home for my company, I don't work for the home. My client hired my company.

I have two new clients at this retirement home.

The first one I will meet Tuesday morning at 7 am and work to 9 am. I am then off for an hour and then I am at work 10 am to 3:15 pm like normal. I am hoping I can delay my breakfast with the exception of a banana or yogurt before I leave my house at 630 am. I am thinking I could use up an half hour eating breakfast and then about half hour walking around the building to get some form of a workout in. Of course I am assuming this client could be my normal client. It makes perfect since since I am already there. The downside which I am trying not to look at it as a downside is the one hour that isn't paid between the two shifts.
I like this idea because it's two more hours of pay of hours and the fuel charge I get from my company without the extra driving.

My second new client is at the same retirememnt home and it's on Sunday afternoon's for an hour. It's a different rate since it's an hour. So basically I would be getting about 20 bucks for the one hour of pay.. That's including the fuel charge which I am already in the area for babsitting so no extra gas this day either.

I will have about an hour of downtime here too. So probably the same thing. Eat a meal and get a walk. Both of these days are days where I don't hit the YMCA so any workout even in the form of a walk is good.

The bad side is that I bring my son and my grand daughter to church with me and they enjoy it. I won't be able to do this anymore if I stay with this client.

It's important to me that I find the right balance between work, family fun (summertime fun) and my workouts. I plan on trying the running group again tomorrow.

Today, my son was with his Dad so after church and having lunch at home.. I went to the pool and swam a bit and relaxed in the sun. It's my last two day weekend for a while. I will only have one day off a week where I have zero obiligations to working to earn money.

The amount that will be added to my check isn't quite enough to cover the lack of support coming in soon but it's a start. I am not sure I would even honestly want to juggle anymore hours to add to the paycheck.

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