Saturday, June 15, 2013

Freezer cooking

One thing we bought with our tax refund was a pretty good sized freezer! We had been wanting one for quite a while but never got around to getting one. I didn't know if we would actually use it or not.
I love how I don't have to shove everything in the freezer when I do my shopping and can pick up good deals when I find them.

However, the best thing has been that I have started cooking food just for the sake to freeze it for my meals that I bring to work with me.

The sandwiches are probably the only thing that has been made more for everyone compared to just mainly for my work. Pretty much everything I have cooked and froze has tasted well.

I been doing a couple different soups and pretty much freeze leftovers in serving sizes for me. Pasta has froze pretty well.

With summer slowly rolling in I am rethinking the soups just a little bit. I think I can get away with eating soup if I am working with my clients in the nursing home. Yes. I said clients. I have two new ones in next week. Not sure if it's a normal thing. However, my other client's house can be kind of warm and I wouldn't want soup too much.

Anyone have any suggestions on food I can prepare for work. I like the calorie count to be in between 300 to 600 calories per serving.

I don't eat processed foods very often at all anymore. It's not that I won't ever and don't find them enjoyable. I just like the idea of more homecooked lunches and dinners.

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