Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Progress pictures

I have had a rough week starting with my dog getting ran over by a car and dealing with car trouble. I managed to buy a second car and even though it's a lot of money it has given me some stress relief. I been overly protective and scared for my animals. The upcoming 4th of July hasn't helped. We heard "gun shots" and one of our dogs was outside cause he loves to be outside. I was afraid to go check on him thinking someone shot him.

We have learned the "gun shots" were actual fireworks and of course Charlie wasn't murdered in my back yard.

I have given the running group 4 tries and I said I would make a decision about keeping up the routine after my 5th time.

Overall, I am really torn. I like the idea of the group running but only once did the group wait for me and make it a group effort. I can run on my own but maybe I do need the push of the group to at least get started. I don't know. I love the calorie burn and the satisfaction from knowing between running and walking I went 5 miles tonight.

I am .4 lbs away from having lost 70 lbs!! I am pretty excited and hope to see it tomorrow.

I did pictures with the clothing that didn't fit well at all when I shopped at the goodwill sale. Our of the three items one item I feel looks good enough to wear now. The skirt I bought in Galena Il, and it wouldn't go on at all last month.

These jeans I feel that I can wear now. I will post the ones that are too snug in a day or so.

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