Monday, June 3, 2013

Color run!!

I was excited at the idea of running the color run!! Not so happy with the cost of the run and that kept me on the fence for a bit to register or not. I learned that the people getting the donation unless I picked something else was Children's home and Aid!

I couldn't think of a better place to get the money for me to run it.

Children's home and Aid is the place my school called when I was in 9th grade and wanted to get me into counseling. I didn't have the best luck with them due to their practices of meeting birthmom"s in public places like MdDonald's.

If my memory serves me right I contacted them shortly after Izzy's 16th birthday or it could been the 17th birthday. I was given free counseling both times. It just seemed like to me, in a small way, that paying the money to run was giving back to them.

I also felt like being able to just consider running a 5 k means that I won the race outside of the dark side. I have figured out the key for happiness and got some control over my weight for the first time in twenty something years.

I did really well and ran the whole thing. I only stopped to tie my shoe. I wished I was with a group of people but that didn't stop me from having fun! I just loved the excitement in the air from the other runners. I really feed of group efforts and it was the energy of all the others that made it possible for me to finish it. That and I worked hard to work towards running three miles.

It was Izzy that actually got me interested in running with the c25k running ap. I would suggest it to anyone who wants to try to run. I do think it's a little deceiving and one shouldn't just hop off the couch and do this program.

Time for the pictures that your all waiting for.

Before the run!!

As we were waiting in line for our turn to run!

After the run!!

I have a couple more pictures to share but will do it later on another post.

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