Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I said I was going to zumba the last bit of my weight off that I want to lose but have deciced not to totally give up on running. I heard of a running group that meets at the YMCA and I am going to call tomorrow and double check the time and show up for it. I heard they run about 4 miles. So that will be a little more than I am used to and a group setting will be good for me.

I think I am at a all time new low with my weight. I didn't want to record it on myfitnesspal until I see the low number tomorrow too!! Wish me good luck and come check back tomorrow to see if my ticker changed.

I changed the date that I try on the tight clothes to the 25th of the month. I like that date due to that's when I pay my YMCA membership and it's the timing of the month that goodwill has their 1.23 sale. It's the only clothes shopping I should really go on for a while.

My husband and I are loving our new bikes. Stephen is riding more but doesn't care for the long bike rides but oh well. We did find a simliar but less fancy and less pricey bike for 65.00 and put it on layaway for him. So within 2 to 3 weeeks he will have a bigger bike to keep up.

I love all the neat things you discover when your on a bike. I don't love seeing all the houses either for sale or just sitting empty and rotting!! I have a great love for houses and if they didn't all cost too much I would buy them so I could love the houses and give them to othes to love. I am a little weird. I took my husband by a house and calling it cute as if it was a puppy.

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