Sunday, November 11, 2012


For the last two Fridays I have caught this show on lifetime that is about teens leading down a wrong path of drugs, drinking and stealing ect.

Basically it's an intervention where this guy comes in and tries to work with the family.

First week, it was an adopted 16 year old girl with drug addiction. It so happens that the man that is doing the show was left at a hospital and grew up in foster case and was abused.

The show last night was a 17 year old boy that was adopted from another country at the age of five. He was smoking pot and stealing. Basically made the whole family not want him around.

The family was counting down the days until they could kick him out at 18 years of age. The Dad even admitted to showing dog poop in the boy's face and said he would do it again if needed.
The father had never told his child that he loves him in all the years that they had him.
They even went as far as to tell him that they wished they didn't adopt him.

Both children form these shows had abandonment and rejection issues. The first story the guy felt so strongly that he found her birthmom and they reunited. She learned that she had addiction problems on her side and the side of her biological father's side.

Both children seemed to come to some kind of wanting to change mode and both went off to somewhere to get treatment and to work thur their issues.

The past that struck me as shocking is that they said that 50% of all adoptive children end up homeless. 50% really? I would like to know where they get their numbers from. Also, do the math, 50% of all children raised with their orginal parents are homeless!!

Is this a tragic story of adoption or are today's youth just jacked up?? At what point if a child ends up homeless as an adult is it no longer the fault of the parents or the upbringing?

My son Alex is driving me nuts and so far not job searching that we can tell. Do I really have the guts to throw him out after he turns 18? At what point if he continues to "party" and try to come in at all hours of the night is his homeless state no longer my fault?

I am not implying that I have plans to kick my son out but I feel like when he is acting all big shot "like a grown up" he should be able to take care of himself "like a grownup"

How far do I let my family go down the tubes emotionally and financially for someone who isn't pulling their weight with help of money or even chores.

Done venting!!

I wonder if this show is going to show an adopted child with each episode. In a way, I think it's cool. It shows that adoption isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Also, that adoptive parents are not always gold.

However, to be fair, I think they should show families having issues that were born into the family.

Has anyone else seen the show I am talking about? If so. What did you think about it?

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