Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have volunteered for Kids Crisis Center five times now. I probably won't be blogging about specific children much because for the most part I have seen different children. They do have regular customers that need help but I am there once a week for three hours so I don't always catch the same kids.

This place is the same as the adoption agency that gave me free counseling. I have came out of the closet on why my heart is in volunteering with children and I tried to tell them the name of the counslors but I drew a blank and couldn't remember either of the two women that I had seen.

Of course later I remembered both of their names. So in a way, my volunteering is paying back for all the free counseling.

While I am there I am doing quite more than I ever did with MELD. It's such a different kind of place. It's a home so I have played, cooked and cleaned. I have even filed paperwork for them.

I love how I can choose my hours and days and it feels less demanding than the other volunteering I did. Besides the fall out with ME%LD. This nursery just fits in with my hectic life better. Also maybe it's cause I am still new to it but I don't feel like they have lost the point of what they are doing.

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