Sunday, November 18, 2012

I made my 40 lb mark for weight loss. So, if I can scrape the 20 bucks for some new jeans I am going to get my size 14!! I gave away a lot of my clothes in the begging but for some reason I don't want to just give away all my jeans.

I still have some size 20's, 18's and 16's. Maybe it's a what if I gain it back or just don't want to be wasteful and give away good clothes.

I love how jealous my husband is getting. I think it's a healthy jealous because I really don't feel like he is serious.

I have never been able to wear clothes that show off my shape. They have always been lose and hanging. Now, I go for the shirts that either hug my skin or have a little breathing room.

I have 9 and half more pounds to lose before my final goal. If I lose one pound a week I will be done before I know it.


Leah said...

Congrats on 40 pounds! That is amazing!

I just emailed you my address for the Christmas Card exchange. YAY! :)

Christina B said...

I need your motivation! I've been trying to lose 40 pounds for quite some time now and struggle soooooo bad! What's your secret?

birthmothertalks said...

Christina, I will make a blog posts about what I am doing to lose weight.