Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today, I stopped at the good will with the plan to buy the baby boy I mentioned a few things. At first, I had two items but I just couldn't stop there. I bought him three outfits that are only one piece. Two out of the three, you can add shorts to it if you want. I got him a pair of pants just because they were half off. One pair of army shorts and two tshirts. I went with the one piece outfits because they are cheaper.
I spent more than I can really afford because I have to start saving for school stuff come the end of August for my son, but I figure that can wait another day.
I really form an attachment to babies and even their Mom's. I really have come to care about them so much and I have such a good time taking care of them. I hope when I give the Mom's clothes for their babies that they know it's coming from love and not from pity or judgement.

I really admire them for taking the steps to improve their lives and provide a good life for their children. I only wish I could do more for MELD but I can't and that's okay because I know that I am not the only one that is pulling for these young families.

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