Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I like to bring my kids with me when I volunteer for MELD. I like to open their eyes to helping others and it's not always about number one me. Twice in a row, I have had my oldest son with me and he is begging to get fixed! :) So, maybe it's great birth control for him!

Our wild child came back and his Mom knows he is wild cause she said I brought the devil. Those were her words not mine. I rather say wild child. She hadn't brought him for a couple weeks and it goes much smoother without him there. He can be a nice little boy but just acts out way too much.

We haven't been having the average of 7 kids lately. We been having maybe four or five kids and it's a little easier. We did have one Mom that brought a young baby without a diaper bag. We can handle the diapers and wipes if they need it but we don't have spare bottles and formulas hanging around. He cried most of the time and finally I had to get her and she said she didn't have a bottle but he had just ate. I think mostly he was tired and wanted Mom. Cause when she walked back to the daycare with him and set him down to play he was okay and she sneaked out.

I brought the clothes for the little boy but I didn't see him Mom or the baby, but I asked another Mom was she there and she said yes. So, I had her take the clothes to the Mom. I hope she likes them.

I also bought a grocery bag for of girl clothes from cleaning out my doll clothes which are real baby clothes. One of the babies looked like she could wear them and I told the Mom she could take them. She basically said her daughter had enough clothes but thank you. Then, she kind of looked through them and said they weren't the right size. I checked the sizes and compared them to what she was wearing. So, I kind of felt like she was putting her nose up in the air and the clothes were not good enough for daughter.

It's moments of forgotten diaper bags and situations where I feel like what I do isn't appreciated makes me wonder if it's time to call it quits. I been at it for over a year now. I think I am on my 6th ten week session.

It's the sweet moments of cuddling with a baby or helping a toddler put on clean clothes cause she pee'd herself which happen to be clothes that I brought to donate and the little girl who used to cry kept saying. I sorry. I sorry. It's moments like those that will keep me going for now.

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