Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MTV Adoption special

I don't have a lot to say about it but I have two things.

They talked about the different kinds of adoption.

Open } Where all names and address are exchanged. Communiction usually done without a middle party and I don't recall if they talked about visits or not.

Semi open} There isn't a full disclosure on last names. Umm I mean of the adoptive couples last name. Communication is mostly done using a 3rd party.

Closed adoption } Closed as in no contact and no names and kiss your baby goodbye... who knows if you will ever see them again. No offence to anyone. I am making fun at the show and not the pain of adoption.

When they talked about adoption on this show they failed to mention one very important fact about Open and Semi adoption. Open and Semi adoption and all agreements said to each other isn't legally binding in the majority of states.

My other thoughts is when it comes to Ashley and her pain and loss over adoption and Catelynn and her feelings and her story of what she is doing to promote adoption.

I felt like they when they were telling Ashley to move forward what she probably hears it GET OVER IT. I also felt like they were trying to show that a very open adoption isn't good for the adoptive parents, the birthmom or the child.

I thought maybe they are trying to use Catelynn as one of the Happy birthmoms and use her to preach adoption to others.

I also want to know why is MTV so interested in adoption all of a sudden? Is there a shortage on babies available for adoption and the adoption agency mentioned gives them a cut from the adoptions.

They mentioned rude people suggesting that they were paid to do adoption. I don't think they were paid to do adoption but I know they were paid to do the show just as the Mom's who are raising their babies from the show. However, MTV isn't fooling me that they are looking for young Mom's to be open to adoption and that makes them a likely candidate for the show compared to just another young teen deciding to be a parent.

And I liked about just the two things. I couldn't stop at two. But now you know how I feel about MTV.

P. S. I think Catelynn is a pretty girl but what is up with that hair??


maybe said...

Ashley has a blog at

birthmothertalks said...

Thanks. I do read her blog. But thanks for putting it out there for others. I am also looking forward to reading her book that is coming out soon.

maybe said...

I've been posting her link on various blogs to encourage other mothers to give her some support. She seems able to see through the adoption koolaid much more so than than other folks associated with that show.