Sunday, July 24, 2011

Giving till it hurts

Tomorrow, is my volunteer night with MELD. Last week, we had three volunteers to one child and the one that I bought the clothes for wasn't there. I am hoping it's back to normal and I can give him his clothes.
Last week, I ended up so broke that honestly Thursday on the way home from work if my check didn't do it's normal thing, I probably would have ran out of gas in my car. It's moments of being really broke that gets me wondering why am I buying baby clothes and I am so broke. That ten dollars could have gone a long way in my car. Well, not a long way since gas is so high but it wouldn't of had me checking my bank account balance so I knew if I could get gas or not.
Well, anyways, as much as it stinks being broke. I know I am not going to change my habits. If I see a need then I will provide to the best of my ability for those children. I don't care if I can't afford to take my kids out to dinner or run a little short on cash it's just what I am going to do.
I don't mean this by saying that I am always buying for MELD and not providing for my kids because I won't put their needs before our needs. However, there are times that I will put their needs above our wants. I won't do that 100% of the time because I am human.
I still have the urge to try to buy more clothes for this little boy. The desire to give is so strong in me and sometimes I feel like I have to smack my own hand and say enough is enough. I just have to keep Aug in mind and with Aug brings back to school times.

However, with all that being said, I have collected so many real baby clothes for my fake baby dolls that it's not even fun anymore. I don't even have a sock and underwear drawer. I have a baby doll drawer. So, I think I am going to weed out the clothes and donate some of them to MELD.

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