Monday, March 14, 2011

Miscarriages and infertilty

Like I said, I read the book about miscarriages because when given the chance I wanted to learn more about them because in some cases it's not that women are infertile it's just that they keep losing the babies.

I have been lucky. I have never experienced a miscarriage or have I have had a hard time becoming pregnant. Honestly, though, only one of my three pregnancies did I say let's have a baby. The other two before marriage was because I was careless. It was important for me to do it right just once. We made the choice to stop having children after my last child was born when I was 24 years of age. Who knows what would have happened if we chose to continue to have children. Maybe, I would have came to a point where pregnancy wasn't so easy to do. I don't mean to insult anyone. I am just stating my facts.

After, reading the book, I really want to express how deeply sorry that I am that any women and man would have to go through when an expected baby didn't make it to term. To be happy and excited and nervous about a new baby and perhaps the first child to going through the process of losing that life. I have only known of two people personally that have lost a pregnancy. One friend spoke of it on a few occasions and did go on to have another baby. The other situation is a little different than I mentioned but has yet to really bring it up to me. She has gone on to have a baby too. I want to honestly say that I have never really taken the time to learn about how heart breaking it would be to have a pregnancy end in miscarriage.

I also never really thought of the physical side of a miscarriage. I can see from reading that it can be very painful. The closest I can understand is that maybe possibility it's like cramping from labor but without the happiness of a live baby to hold. I can't imagine that it hurts so much as giving birth to a full term baby. Correct me if I am wrong.

I did get the impression that a lot of hospital staff seem to be kind of cold and just shrugs it off as it happens. I am sorry if anyone has ever experienced cold words from a doctor or a nurse because they feel like it's okay cause it just happens. It may just happen but it's really sad. I won't pretend to say that I get it all or that I know what it feels like because I just read a book about it. I haven't live it.
I have more to say about miscarriages but I wanted this post to be more about the lost babies than my other thoughts about the book.

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