Wednesday, March 16, 2011

11TH birthday

Today, was Stephen's 11TH birthday!!! Kids just grow up way too fast. We had a really nice day.

Before school, I made him his favorite breakfast.

Then, for lunch, my grand daughter and I came to his school with McDonald's and had a good time. He shared some of his fries after he kind of blurted out "are you jealous" to a classmate. I explained that it was mean to say that. However, on his own he started giving away some of his fries.

For dinner, we had one of his favorites too. Fried chicken with rice and we even had our veggies. Then, he got to open his gift. It was a movie how to train a dragon. He loves that movie. We had a cupcake and ice cream for desert.

Then, we looked at bikes and when this weekend we will put one on layaway. I am a geek. By the time mid may rolls around he will have a brand new big bike.

Next week, we are taking him out to a all you can eat buffet. He will be bringing one friend and his brother. He basically gets two days of celebration. We feel bad having a celebration without his brother and I really couldn't afford to do the dinner thing this week because I was sick.

This birthday celebration was even more special because I didn't have the money to do anything for his birthday and had already told him that his celebration besides the McDonalds would have to wait because I wouldn't have any money. Normally, all birthday celebrations are paid for by me because my husband is less into birthday celebrations that I am. So, it was awesome that in the end, he couldn't let Stephen go without celebrating his birthday.

This is the first birthday in a while that I didn't have to fake having a good time. I am thinking that it felt less forced because my son didn't really expect anything or than getting a treat from McDonald's.

One very nice part about Stephens birthday is that Izzy told him Happy birthday on Facebook. That is simple and not a big deal but to me I just love it. I have great hopes for the future of them becoming close.

I also love that Stephen sees his step sister almost five days a week and she accepts him as her little brother. It's just so amazing that a year ago or so ago, Stephen cried for a sister and now he has two of them. He also has a niece who is around quite a bit while her Mom and Dad work to bring home the bacon. It's so nice watching him be around a little girl. It's not the same as getting a little sister but she is the next best thing. She might be even better because she goes home to her Mommy and Daddy.

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