Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do you ever watch Reba? I love to catch it when I am working and my client is willing to watch it. It is a little silly for an older lady.
You know how Brock just kind of comes and goes from Reba's house. (the old family home) And gets picked up but seems to be around his children more than the typical every other weekend thing. I believe he lives 4 houses away. You know how Reba would like to strangle Barbara Jean but doesn't and in some ways they even become friends while other times they pick on each other.

My ex husband is thinking about moving with a friend and her kid but wants to stay in the area because the friend doesn't want her kids to change school districts. I wish they would consider to come close and I even found a house that is 4 blocks away from me and I thought it would be great for my ex and my son. However, the friend, (who he isn't sleeping with) Not sure if I believe that one lol won't move plus it's not that big of a house.

Well, anyways, I thought I would bring it up to my ex husband about the house. I said, wouldn't it be great if Stephen or Alex could walk or bike to see the other parent. (meaning parent they don't live with) It could make seeing the children for an hour here or there so much easier. Also, the school that Alex most likely go to next year is in my area. I think the situation of Reba is the best of two worlds. Yea, they divorced but they have better access to the children.

My son isn't too far away. Maybe, twenty miles but at almost four a gallon picking him up to watch a movie or to chat over an ice cream cone just isn't affordable on any of a semi regular basis.

I think Stephen and my ex husband's relationship hurts the most. Stephen has told me that he has no reason to call his Dad but when I ask well why do you call me. He says, I love you. I said, well don't you love your Dad. He says, he don't cook! Honestly, I don't cook much either. My current husband does. Tonight, we went out to dinner and it wasn't planned but my ex was there with some friends and family and he doesn't even try to hug his Dad even though he hasn't seen him in a week.

All this is probably just a moot point because my ex said that he couldn't afford the rent on the house. I can see why because it's just his one income. I guess maybe my point is that even if having my ex husband close made it weird. (his words) I think the good stuff would really out weigh the weird stuff.

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