Thursday, October 21, 2010

Next Sunday, is my husband's and mines 3rd wedding anniversary. The people that have been reading me all along know that to get to that point and be happy not something to be taken lightly. There was a time that we were only together because he refused to move. We used to fight and fight and there were times that I would have liked to beat him silly. I know physical abuse isn't a laughing matter but either is alcoholism. It was rough.
I am happy to report that he has been sober for a year and half now. Also, that we have turned our failing marriage around to what I consider a very happy one.
My husband used to really get me going on adoption. His views and thoughts were so different than mine and he didn't have a problem trying to pound his ideas into my head. Not literally. I remember countless fights over adoption and just being so hurt.
Most of the times, we can talk about adoption. Sometimes, he emails me things and we do it in email. Once in a while, things can heat up over it. It's such a touchy topic and while my thoughts have matured and I have a better understanding of adoption of some fronts of it. There are some parts of it that I can't budge.
I am very happy with my husband and so proud of him. I am not sure what the key was to our turning a failing marriage around. If I knew all the answers, I would sell them to you. I think it was a little bit of marriage counseling, quite a bit of his quitting drinking and some of my own counseling and soul searching that I have done on my own.

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