Thursday, October 28, 2010

I have been dealing with some sadness and crying... and more sadness and more crying... I won't get into why I am sad or why I am crying but I just had to share with you how things are so different now with my husband. Before, if I was sad, it was better for me to try to hide it or not express it because it just wasn't good.

Now, I can say, I am sad or I can just be looking down and he tries his best these days. That could be trying to tell me that things are going to work out. Or it could be giving be a hug or a kiss or it might be something as simple as share some cinnamon rolls together. Even though, I am gonna cry, I am so happy that my husband is treating with such care and compassion.

About the Meld Fund Raising... Pay pal wouldn't let me pay myself and I am just horrible with putting money aside so when I give totals I am just going to give totals that was raised through the blogging. That is twenty dollars and I still plan on hoping to get more but if not I will give that or more out in December.

What I am going to do for my part is just buy the Meld kids clothes. I already do it but been buying mostly baby stuff. I asked the worker do I bring the clothes to her or the home and she said her and the girls can look through it. Well, honestly, I haven't been buying clothes for the babies that I take care of.. it's been mostly newborn stuff. So, today, I went and spent 15.00 on clothes that I think would be more likely to fit them. Also, I will be honest with ya.. I get more of a pick me up just by going and buying them and playing with the clothes. So, I hope people will continue to donate and if not that's okay. I am impressed that I don't have to blog about how not one single person reached out to help. I can say that three people reached out to help and for that I thank you.

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