Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Izzy

It's been a year since you first wrote me. Well, a year tomorrow. I can only imagine how much of a surprise it was to get that first message from me. I really thought long and hard about do I or don't I send that letter. I have to admit that the having you at my fingertips was too much of a chance to let pass by me.
I can't imagine how it would of felt if you chose not to write back. But you did, in your time, write me and it's been a out of this world experience to what you look like and to learn how well you are doing. I think you have great parents and I am happy to have found that out. I don't know how I could have handled it to hear that they didn't treat you well.
I dream of the day that we can meet. It will be awesome. I am so happy that you have trusted me into your life and taken the time to get to know me. You are connected to your brothers through FB too and I love it when I see you talk to them. It was so cool that you just had to notify me because my oldest had a skanky girlfriend. In that moment, it felt like a big sister watching out for her brother. You probably notice that I don't use the brother/sister word too often because I am just not sure what the future holds and I want to protect my kids. I let them decide on what to call you. Well, anyways, I think you are a beautiful, funny and smart girl.
Love always,

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