Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My ten year old said, it's been really windy the last couple days and I wonder who is doing it? I said, "who do you think it doing it?" He said, "maybe, the devil, he wants to (makes a noise with his voice and kind of signals something breaking with this motions. Ok, you had to be there.

But is this when I am suppose to tell him that it's God and he is a good God and he never leaves us or foresakes us? These winds are pretty dangerous.. down wires, trees and stuff? So, if a tree falls on our house then it's God's will. blah blah...

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A Life Being Lived said...

I've had the same questions myself...if some things are "God's will"...does that mean that God wants us to experience pain, disappointment, damage, death, betrayal, fear, sadness....etc?

Life has ups and downs, good and bad. Sad things happen to good people. I've struggled myself to understand the whole "It was God's will that the earthquake/car accident/power outage/divorce etc." happened. Yet when I think about it, God created an earth and universe which includes mother nature and free will. I suppose part of the price we pay to experience being human and live our lives is that we are at the mercy of mother nature (the elements, birth and death, disease and ailments due to having a physical body, etc) as well as free will (experiencing pain when a relationship ends or experiencing sadness when another person chooses to act in a way that hurts or upsets us). I guess it's a price of admission to the show of life...not that it's any easier to explain that to a 10 year old.