Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear birthfather (Todd)

There is this news story going around. You can read it here. It's about a young boy who's natural father wants to raise his son and he was almost adopted and they been fighting every since. The father is going to win in this case and I am happy about that.
I know it's not the story that I wanted for my daughter. I didn't want her to be removed from her home to live with you. It's not that I kept her from you though. You ran off and as a 15 year old, I freaked out and didn't name you. It was so easy. I am not bragging. I am not proud of this. I think it's so wrong that fathers are not getting a say in the adoptions of their children. I believe in my heart that you were not ready to be a Dad but it didn't mean that you had zero rights and for that I am deeply sorry. Where are you today? Do you wonder about Izzy? I am sorry that I said I was raped. I just freaked. I am so glad that she didn't grow up knowing that story of how she came about, because it's false. I hope your doing well. I am no longer afraid of you. I used to have night mares about seeing you again. I have been honest with my current husband so I am not afraid. I hope to see you again someday. I would like to know your side of our story.

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