Monday, December 28, 2009

Today, I went to a memorial service for my live in client of two years. The family asked me to assist the wife (step mom) to the service and possibly to lunch. I was honored to be asked and I got to sit with the family. It was a beautiful service and he will be greatly missed. I felt really bad for the wife ( ex client) I know longer take care of her. During the summer, she was placed in a nursing home. I thought I would have been assisting them with lunch, but they decided not to take the wife to the lunch. I was still invited, but I didn't think they treated her fairly. I know it's not their real mother and real grandma (she has been gone for a long time) but come on.. don't they think she would have enjoyed the lunch and family or was the whole time they called her Grandma and told her that they loved her. Was it all a front? Now they can wash their hands of her since their Dad, Grandfather is gone.

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