Monday, December 14, 2009

Tonight, I am going to go to a nursing home and take care of a man who is only 58 years old. I haven't met him yet. I have to in there at 10 pm to midnight. I guess he is really lonely and the aides were making him go to bed early. So Sad! It actually makes me very mad. Just because his body isn't working right doesn't mean his mind is gone. He is a person with his thoughts and why does he have to get forced to go to bed and why does he have to pay my company so much money for me to come hang? I wish I could afford to do a little of this stuff for free, but stupid rules usually don't want people to come hang for free. I tried to volunteer once and I basically told we don't allow that. How rude!!! This man is the same age as my Dad. His parents are both gone now. Too Bad.


Jenn said...

my heart always goes out to these young patients whose bodies have been attacked by disease. thank goodness to caring workers like u!!!

Michelle said...

It just doesnt seem fair.