Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let's be grown up

Children of divorce parents really feel the effects for more than jut childhood. Tomorrow, I am going to my little sister's house for Christmas Eve dinner. It will be my Dad and his wife and my sister and her boyfriend and my brother. Also, myself and my husband and kids. I guess my Mom isn't coming because she doesn't want to be around my Dad's wife. My ex husband hasn't remarried, but I wouldn't let his wife keep me from enjoying some family time. I admit that my step Mom isn't fun to be around. I won't say more haha
I don't care for my ex husband much, but we can sometimes stand each other for the children. We were able to have a pizza party for our son with my new husband around. It's something that just feels right.
Also, I was able to enjoy my step daughter's baby shower, because her Mom and I can be civil and even friendly. We don't have to be friends, but we can show up at the same place without feeling odd. But I can only speak for myself. So yes, divorce does effect people, even into adulthood, but things don't have to be weird. Speaking of the baby shower, I got a Thank you card and it said how I was going to be a good grandma. It was really sweet of her. The way I look at it is that this baby and other babies can never have too many good people watching out for her. Don't forget the buying of dolls and stuff.

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BB said...

My parents are divorced. The (not so) funny thing about our dysfunctional situation is that 18 years post divorce, my dad and step dad get along just fine, my mom and step-mom get along just fine, but my parents still cannot be in the same room together without getting heated.
This year, my grandma (mom's mom) invited my dad and his wife over for Christmas. Weird. He isn't coming becuase he's like that, but I think it is weird.

Anyway, yeah, divorce affects us for a long time, in many different ways.