Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my client

When I got to the nursing home, Nick (will call him that) was waiting for me. I knew it was based on how they described him. He was so excited to see me. His body is all badly changed from C.P. He has had it all his life. (that's what his book said) His speech is so hard to understand and it looked almost painful for him to talk, but he loves to talk. Mostly, if I watched his lips and pay close attention, I could understand him. A couple times, I just had to fake it.
It was hard to not cry for him. It's just so sad. But I know Nick didn't want my tears, but my company. We spent most of the time talking and looking at videos on his computer. He has this cool set up that allows him to roll the mouse with a stick and push the keys with it. He took longer than most, but he wanted to do it.
I helped undress him and washed up his face for bed. I am not experienced enough in cases like this to really be putting someone to bed. But I was sent so I didn't have much choice. I had to help him stand and basically lift him to bed. Why the aides are not doing this I don't know. Or I know they want them all in bed early.
When I left I cried a little. Life isn't fair. This man is about my Dad's age and has to live in a nursing home. The room that the two men shared was about the size of my living room. How sad. I go see Nick again tonight at 10 pm.

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