Wednesday, December 16, 2009

As a caregiver, I am under the same laws that teachers are. Mandatory reporting if I suspect abuse. Nick told me that the other people who live there hit, kick and spit on him. Plus when I asked the cna to assist me in getting him to bed.. she got all huffy and puffy and just basically took a whole of him and lifted him to bed. She said that I should know how to transfer him. Well, I have taken of many people, but no one so helpless as him. I may not have the experience and know how to transfer him from a wheelchair to his bed, but I know that tossing him like a doll on the bed isn't the way. He didn't seem disturbed. I am guessing this is how he is always treated. It make me sick. I almost threw up when he was telling me how he gets treated and then I did on the way home and after I was home. I don't feel well at all. So, I did my job and reported it. My company was aware of the other residents mistreating him and they are searching for a better place for him.

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Wendy said...

Sounds like you did the right thing by reporting it. Good for you. He deserves to be treated well.